Welcome to ShadowVibe.

Welcome to ShadowVibe.

Inspired by DLord Tick Tock

Uncle Bob's Shadow Image Directions for Dummies

Equipment: The Sun, A Camera, Any Crappy Camera Will Do
1. Go outside.          2. Look down.           3. Point, aim, click.

About Uncle Bob: 📚🚵🏿‍⛺️ Mod Renaissance English Teacher Cycling Across Continents Sleeping in a Tent Taking Fine Arts Images & Reading Books Walking in Forests Like Stephen King & Buddhist Monks‌‌

Little Den, ShadowVibing

While Dennis was fishing in Alaska, way out in the Pacific Ocean, he captured his shadow on the deck of the boat, a poignant symbol of his amazing journey. In honor of his adventurous and beautiful life, you're invited to stand with him, in spirit, on these pages. Share your own honorary Shadow image or shadow video here. Let’s surround him with all the love, light, and beauty he cast into each of our lives.

Join the vibe tribe.

Little Denny: The Peacock ShadowVibe

In OTT honor of Dennis James Lord II (10-6-82 - 7-27-20)

Not the Mom

Not the Mom

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